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For more than 90 years and three generations, family-run Tampa Armature Works, Inc.,an industrial equipment distribution and service company headquartered in Riverview, Fla, has demonstrated its commitment to quality and reliability. We seek out and apply the latest technologies and best practices in order to provide our customers with products and services that are more dependable than that of our competitors.

Our worldwide customer base is as diverse as the products and services we provide to them. TAW® serves customers in a wide range of industries including fossil, renewable and nuclear power generation, military, homeland security, mining, chemical processing, and steel and water utilities, and more.

Although our customers’ needs are diverse, they all share one commonality – the need for  long-term engineering-driven power solutions from a company that will support them every step of the way.

TAW: An Equipment Distribution & Service Company With Deep Roots in Florida

In 1921, Mr. J.A. Turner Sr. and three associates built a core technical team, which led to the formation of Turner Electric Works in 1938 in Jacksonville, Fla., serving a niche need in the pulp and paper manufacturing business in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

With ongoing leadership and guidance from the Turner family, TAW has expanded its geographical reach and areas of expertise, while remaining true to the mantra it was founded on: customers first.

Growing Our Locations & Expertise

Beyond our headquarters in Riverview, Fla., TAW also has Florida locations in Orlando, Jacksonville, Pompano Beach, Lake City, and Miami. We also have facilities in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Dominican Republic.

Our employees, made up of credentialed engineers, technicians and mechanics, all work collectively to find answers to complex questions and solutions to some of our customers’ greatest challenges. Click Here to view our brochure.


Our Powerhouse Team

Electrically qualified in both Florida and Georgia, TAW’s highly technical staff includes more than 90 degreed engineers, with nuclear, Electrical Generator Systems Association (EGSA)   certifications. TAW builds upon this knowledge base by providing personalized onsite trainings for its employees.

Our expert staff excels in three primary business areas around the common theme of rotating electrical or mechanical apparatuses and their associated controls. From

distributing quality power products to providing ongoing maintenance and repairs to tailoring solutions to fulfill a unique application, TAW offers comprehensive products and services to meet your needs.


TAW’s A Family of Integrated Services

As a forward-thinking, engineering-driven company, TAW uses its technical expertise to provide customers with lasting solutions. Some of those solutions include onsite power system commissioning, in-shop and onsite maintenance and repairs, and high-quality power equipment.

Emergency Standby Power Generators

TAW® Power Systems understands your need for backup power to keep your data center from coming to a stand-still, to ensure that your healthcare facility never goes down when patients’ lives depend on it, or to keep the refrigerator running at home after a hurricane hits.

That’s why TAW Power Systems distributes only KOHLER® Power Systems tested and regulated generator sets and accessories. Our team is deeply familiar with KOHLER’s product line, and will help you find the best possible generator for your application.

In-shop & Onsite Maintenance & Repairs Service Centers

No matter where you purchased your generator, TAW can provide you with ongoing preventive and predictive maintenance to avoid costly downtime. Our preventive maintenance programs ensure your stand-by power systems, switchgear, pumps, VFDs, gearboxes, fans, blowers, circuit breakers, and compressors are all functioning properly. Our team also performs predictive maintenance to test the condition of critical parts and complete the service of bearings, lubrication, alignment, and balancing. 

Motor Repair & Fabrication

Whether you need something built or fixed, TAW is the company for the job. As the industry leader in repairing, rewinding and rebuilding new and old electric motors, we are proud to be UL® Listed for AC and DC, synchronous, low-, medium- and high-voltage motor repairs with nationally recognized quality control systems.


Quality-tested Products

In our industry, a machine is only as powerful as the sum of its parts. As the largest distributor of motors, motor controls, drives, pumps and rotating apparatuses in the southeastern United States, we sell only high quality equipment that we stand behind – so much so that we offer ongoing support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our high-quality equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • AC and DC Drives
  • Synchronous Motors
  • Low- and medium-voltage motors
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Protective devices
  • Pumps
  • Blowers

Our products can also be engineered to be smaller, lighter, more intelligent, and corrosion resistant, in order to serve your unique application.


Custom Equipment & Engineered Solutions

We see every new project as an opportunity to innovate and improve upon what’s been done before. TAW Power Systems’ team of engineers will design any product to spec or build to an existing drawing. Either way, you can rest-assured that our innovative solutions are built to last and can include ongoing access to the talent who created them.


Partner With TAW

Whether you are seeking peace of mind through a backup generator, to protect or repair your investment, or are in need of something custom that can’t be bought off of a shelf, our full-service equipment distribution and service company can do it all.


To discuss how we can partner together on your next job or to find the right generator or part for your application, contact us.

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