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Motor Service Centers

TAW’s Service Centers or “motor shops” are the company’s legacy business on which we built our foundation. TAW services and sells motors, pumps, drives, and related equipment, offering both in shop and field service solutions. If it spins, turns, or rotates, chances are we can repair it, rewind it, or rebuild it better than anyone else.

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Power Systems

TAW has been a proud distributor for Kohler Power Systems for over 30 years and is one of Kohler’s largest power partners in North America. TAW also offers a first-class aftermarket services group to complement our product sales and serve customers throughout the Southeast. We are our customers’ first call and act quickly as first responders in the face of weather events or natural disasters. TAW has been in the generator distribution business since the Second World War, bolstering the growth of nascent Florida industries that critically rely on backup power through to the present day.

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Technical Field Services

TAW’s Technical Field Services division complements the field services teams imbedded in other business units, and, through its subject matter experts, brings unique solutions to our customer base. TFS performs electrical and mechanical services, as well as both predictive maintenance and emergency repairs. Our team follows the standards established by NETA, IEEE, and NFPA, including IEEE electrical testing. Our electrical field services are available for a wide array of systems, including transformers, relays, and breakers.

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Custom Equipment

TAW’s Custom Equipment division is a state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing center that designs and builds electrical distribution and control equipment. Our team works with electrical controls panels, power distribution products, substations, medium and low voltage switchgear, enclosures, mining sleds, ISO container modifications, electrical powerhouses, and specialty and defense products. Our facility is ISO 9000 certified.

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Discover TAW®

For 100 years, Tampa Armature Works (TAW, Inc.) has been a leading industrial equipment distribution and services company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Our family of integrated service companies partner with customers in a variety of industries to meet their complex power needs while maintaining quality and reliability.

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Assessment is the first step in achieving equipment reliability. TAW will evaluate all aspects of your equipment, including plant surveys, maintenance planning, asset management, and critical spares, and will assess your current motor, drive, pump, genset or electrical systems, to identify the cause of a problem. We will then offer both recommended and alternatives solutions.


Our experienced engineers can design individual components or a complete system replacement using the most advanced equipment and technologies, providing you with the best solution to address your specific needs. We also have extensive experience in reverse engineering components or entire legacy systems for which parts are no longer made.


As a manufacturer of custom switchgear, controls & automation systems, housing, and other power distribution equipment, as well as an official distributor of major OEM drives, motors, pumps, gear boxes, blowers, generators and drives, TAW can supply you with all the components needed for your new system.


We can integrate all components from various manufactures to make sure your system works as one complete unit, while providing and integrating communications to allow remote monitoring and control if desired. Our engineers and technical specialists always ensure that equipment is compatible and sized correctly for your specific application.


TAW provides a full range of electrical and mechanical field testing. Trained and certified technicians can perform thermography, vibration monitoring, oil analysis, laser alignment, flow testing, and all types of electrical testing. We test individual components and entire systems either at our facilities or yours, to ensure the system is operating as one cohesive unit.


TAW technicians are available to install and startup all types of equipment, such as your motor, pump, generator, switchgear, and any other mechanical or electrical equipment, including fully-integrated systems that we design and build specifically for you. Our highly trained and qualified service personnel are focused on safety and quality while adhering to all industry standards as well as to any site-specific requirements.


TAW has the experience and knowledge to keep your equipment operating successfully and efficiently. Using the most advanced technology, we can track vibration, heat, run time, and other key metrics to notify you when your equipment is in need of repair, and before you have an unplanned shut down. We can also monitor equipment remotely and provide you with online access to critical data, and alarms to notify you if problems exist. Whether for routine maintenance or condition monitoring, we're available 24/7 to maintain productivity and uptime.

Integrated Turnkey Solutions

TAW provides end-to-end solutions for system installations, from design to startup to decommissioning to replacement. With our cross-functional teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians, TAW can solve its customer’s most complex challenges, increasing their reliability, productivity, and energy efficiency.

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