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 All TAW facilities are open.

Management will monitor any incoming 2021 inclement weather and provide TAW facilities updates, based on impact to the facility.

Coronavirus Updates: Please see the below information in regards to, COVID19

EAP Information

Cigna Information


Behavioral Health (English)

Behavioral Health (Spanish)

Symptoms of COVID19

What you need to know about COVID19

What to do if you are sick with COVID19

Contact Tracing

COVID19 Self Screening (English)

COVID19 Self Screening (Spanish)

COVID19 Should I get tested

COVID19 International Travel

How to stop the spread of germs

COVID19 Social Distancing 

Safe Grocery Shopping

Live Well, Work Well: COVID19

Fighting Products List


Coping with loneliness during self-isolation

How to be active and stay fit at home

Managing concerns and anxieties about infectious diseases at work

Talking to your child about COVID19 (Webinar)

Financial Education

Retirement Account

DIY Face Cloth

Managing Anxiety

Emotional Well-being

Tips for coping

Stress as a couple after COVID19

Managing stress after COVID-19

Setting priorities for your “new normal”

Supporting someone still in self-isolation

How you can help your kids learn this summer during COVID-19

Coping if you’re still in isolation after a lockdown lifts

Building your resilience with self-care

Staying safe as an essential worker

Helping your community

Managing family dynamics

Protecting older adults from COVID-19

Managing children during work hours

Coping with loneliness during self-isolation

Talking to your children about COVID -19

Physical Distancing


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