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    Our Mission:

    TAW® is a leader in providing electrical and mechanical repair services, technical solutions, and new equipment to our customers in the Americas.

    Our Vision:

    Excellence in creating innovative solutions for the supply, control, and use of energy.

    TAW’s Core Values & Corporate Responsibility:

    Core Values

    Built on our six Core Values, TAW takes pride in consistently demonstrating the commitment to quality and reliability in everyday operations. The Core Values we uphold to the highest standard.


    We accept responsibility for our actions which affect our customers, and we recognize the personal achievements of our fellow employees

    TAW’s Business Ethics policy provides mechanisms to prevent dishonest or unethical conduct and foster a culture of honesty and accountability. This policy outlines the responsibilities of our employees, including ensuring that our stakeholders are aware of their obligation to conduct themselves in a legal and ethical way.


    We are dedicated to the security and welfare of our employees and customers.

    We place an emphasis on Hazard Identification and Risk Prevention. This proactive approach results in identifying and implementing health and safety improvements.  Resulting in associates having a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational safety and health, not only for themselves but also with customers and vendors when working on TAW property or elsewhere.


    We will conduct business honestly while being forthright with our customers, suppliers, and ourselves.

    Honesty, integrity, and trust are key elements of TAW’s core values and culture. Company leadership strives to communicate the understanding of our core values to ensure they remain the foundation of our work. This unified approach is advanced through the individual accountability of governance and compliance.


    We will provide a superior degree of excellence by providing the best in service and products.


    We are able to transfer new ideas into goods and services that create value for the company and our customers.


    We will work together and make use of the talents present in our employees to fulfill the mission of the company. We will respect differences and be open to suggestions.

    In recognition of the individual and the essential contribution of the employees to the success of TAW, all employees will be treated fairly and maturely so that a strong team effort is supported in a golden-rule environment; treat others as you would want to be treated.   This commitment is based upon our fundamental belief that all of our employees deserve fairness, justice, and inclusivity.

    Our strength comes from our diversity and we celebrate the visible and invisible qualities that make each person unique, including race, gender, age, sexuality, ability, religion, national origin, and other identities.

    We commit to aligning our culture and business practices to be a beacon of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for all people.

    TAW Inc.