Residential Distributor of the Year – TAW

TAW has made significant enhancements in the last few years to focus attention in the Residential
Business. They have established a sales and support group focused specifically on consumer products
and the results have driven a significant increase in residential market focus. They were a top performer
for KPS, resulting in 157.9% of plan, and a 77.4% increase over prior year. And while Hurricane Irma did
directly impact their territory it is worth noting that on August 31, prior to the storms, they were already
128% to plan and gaining momentum. The impact of Irma on their service group was significant and their
focus quickly shifted to the end customer and making sure that consumers’ generators were operational
became a top priority for the entire organization. From sales to inventory, to parts, service, resource
deployment, and program support – this distributor rose to the occasion and delivered on all fronts.

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