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    Working From Home, Story Time 11

    Here's a note from Dayna:

    Here is my setup!  I have been working from my kitchen booth with just the essentials ??  I do take a couple of breaks to stretch, go to the back porch and talk to my plants, lol… this seems to be the only social interaction I have… safety first!

    The Credit Department is all in working from home:

    • As for my Team,  I send a daily positive “quote of the day” emails every morning to keep their spirits up. 
    • At the beginning of each day, we open a group skype message page to quickly communicate as a group on anything that needs to be handled right away;  we also do a Skype conference call every afternoon to discuss their day and any roadblocks that they may be encountering.
    • The systems seem to we working well from our end, ‘kudos to IT” for all their help!

    It is fantastic to see how we come together when circumstances take the best of us; thank you for all the communication from your end.

    Be safe!

    TAW Inc.