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    Working From Home, Story Time 20

    A note from James Amrhein

    Hello TAW Team,

           The world has changed a bit but our service team is still pushing forward to help essential businesses run without missing a beat.


    Our group has customers checking to see if we can service current projects and be there for them in emergencies. Customers are moving projects around based on critical needs and flexibility is the key.


    Customers are still needing our help and emails/phone calls are still being answered. Face-to-face visits are very limited. We need to mindful that our customers will be limited on placing purchase orders and getting approvals as fast as previous. Patience through the process! They are just as stressed and it requires empathy!

    I have started to ask customers if they have Facetime or Skype if they need to show me something.

    Safer home:

    Cleaning! Cleaning! Find things around the home to keep yourself busy. Checking on friends and family on how I can help.

    Social Distancing:

    I have reduced or eliminated shaking hands and do more of a head nod. I have always tried to keep a distance when talking with others since I have a form of OCD towards germs from people.


    I am not sure how much a co-worker my dog “Speck” is since he likes to bark orders. He also does like it when I try to place the proper PPE on him like earplugs!

    The two main things are patience through the process and BE SAFE!

    TAW Inc.