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    Working From Home, Story Time 23

    A Note from Tom Owen

    This is a Roll Top that I use when I work from the home,  on occasion. (Especially now)  It actually was my Grandfather’s desk which he bought after his time in WWII.  I remember it in his office as a kid and my father had it for a long time until he didn’t have room any longer and I acquired it.

    The interesting thing is that my grandfather was in Submarines in WWII in the Pacific and was an Electrician’s Mate in the ’30s,  then a Warranty Officer and ultimately the Engineering Officer aboard multiple Subs. He accepted his commission during the war.  When he got out after the war,  he set up an Electric Motor shop in Palatka, Florida. Clearly, he understood electric motors. Through the late ’40s until the early ’60s, he ran his business supporting the area.   When he ran across a motor that was too large to rewind in his shop,  such as from the local Paper Mill,  he traveled to Jacksonville and used Turner Electric to assist.  

    So… This Desk has a little shared history with the Turners and TAW!  Maybe my historical good luck charm.  

    TAW Inc.