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    Working From Home, Story Time 24

    A note from Kathy Fuller:

    Yesterday was my first day working from home. It was a definite learning experience. It took me forever to actually find the "on" button for the laptop ?? I pushed every button except the right button, thought it got broke in transport!! And there was no way I was asking anyone how to turn it on!

    Then Skype for business was another experience I could hear my sales team but they could not hear or see me! After a million hours I played around enough to finally join the meeting! Completely frazzled ??

    It was a very busy business day as well which did not help my head and hands to sync. Getting used to two mouses, one for laptop one for my desktop, the smaller laptop screen, typing on the laptop, etc etc etc wanted to be at my work desk! By the end of the day, I needed a drink, a headache pill, and a hot tub ??

    And my coworkers were not feeling my pain, sleeping on the job ??

    This morning is a much better day ?? My head has understood the multi mouse tasking and has been in sync with my hands, thank goodness.

    Please be safe and stay well!

    TAW Inc.