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    Working From Home, Story Time 5

     My TAW Family,

    It’s been tough working from home.  I still get up every day at 5:00 am and start with my morning workout.  Then its off to get ready for the day. As you can see from the picture, I continue to get prepared as I usually would for each workday.  It's always good to be professional and be ready for whatever may come your way.  Always be ready for the unexpected.  Once I get into my routine, it is usually interrupted from those normal fires that need to be put out,  the nature of the job.  Of course, it is stressful worrying about the virus and what lies ahead in the future, but then I get a call from Shelton.  I must give him a “commendable” for always being positive and upbeat.  The TAW Central Florida sales team is an excellent team that I am truly proud of, and I thank them all for their support and effort in these hard times.  Happy Selling everyone.

    Be safe, and let's all hope to be back to normal soon.

    Wash your hands, wash your hands, Wash your hands.

    TAW Inc.