Dear Mr. Maldonado,

We want to let you know that we are very satisfied with the electrical work that TAW Service did at Kenansville and Osceola Farms. We are especially pleased with Mr. Jose Guerra for his excellent service and high-quality work. Mr. Guerra never fails to give us excellent service.We are looking forward to continuing doing business with TAW Service in the near future.

-P. Delgado

I wanted to let you know the outstanding service I received from TAW® this week, specifically from Sean White and David Cox. A 90,000 Sq.Ft. office building was without power in Clearwater. I called TAW® after hours service Tuesday evening, to test a 1600 amp breaker that wouldn't reset. David arrived and within two hours of testing the equipment, deemed the breaker trip sensor was bad and needed to be replaced. By 8 am Wednesday, Sean was locating a breaker in West Virginia and had it shipped that day along with quotes and paperwork. I personally spoke with Sean numerous times so I could keep C&W, building ownership, and the tenants updated frequently. Sean and David were at UPS at TIA by 5:30 am Thursday, picked up the breaker and had installed it before 9 am with Duke re-energizing the building by 9:30 am. 

Sean and David displayed great professionalism and understanding of the critical and time-sensitive repair that was needed.

-D. Landes

I want to commend technician Dag Ramirez for the great job he did yesterday morning with our generator's preventive maintenance.  Even more important was that he was professional, pleasant, and reassuring to us. 

Our 30kw Kohler generator is now about 13 years old, and since it has required multiple, expensive repairs in the past, and considering our need for a dependable power supply, I was a bit apprehensive about having to deal with a new technician.  Mr. Ramirez’ demeanor and re-assurance put our concerns immediately to rest, for which we are most grateful.

The thought I would like to leave you with is this:  For better or worse, whoever you send to the house represents the face of the company.  I don’t believe anyone could have better served the values of TAW than did Mr. Ramirez.  


As we close in on this particular journey, the reconditioning of this latest BP Cooper River motor, I wanted to convey my thanks to you two gentlemen and your teams. We gave you guys an inordinate number of hoops to jump through, and you guys never faltered, never complained (at least not that I could hear!!).  I appreciate your efforts on this project as well as your suggestions and advice along the way.  Your responses gave me a new level of appreciation for TAW, and it was already pretty high.

I look forward to future endeavors.

-J Pinto

TAW conducted 2-day MV circuit breakers & switchgear training class for BB apprentice electricians at their Lakeland facility on Thursday and Friday of last week.  I’d like to extend a big thank you to David Cox for his work in presenting an excellent class.  David provided an extensive amount of information, both written and verbal, about MV breaker operation and troubleshooting.  On Friday, David had the students troubleshooting actual faults in the circuit breakers; this was exceptionally well-received.  The MV breakers class was a success with the students, and I certainly appreciate his and TAW’s work in putting it together.  In my opinion, TECO got their money’s worth with this training.

-D Puzzo


I wanted to write you to express my sincere appreciation for the manner in which you and your team responded to an issue with our 80KW generator this past fall. From the moment I brought the issue to your attention, you went above and beyond to stand behind the Kohler brand.

Starting with you,  John Potts, and Wayne Hirschman our entire facilities team is extremely impressed with the positive light you have shed on your company and services. The service team came onsite and worked safely and efficiently to get our generator back up and running and even performed a factory start-up to ensure the unit was running at the optimum output after the repair was made. I am glad to say that due to your teams’ hard work the unit is up and running great, the Department is pleased with you and your team/Kohler for standing tall on this repair.

This example of product support is why Kohler is held in high esteem and included in our General Tolling Guidelines for all of our new AET conversion construction projects.

-E. Feldmeier

Recently, I’ve been receiving quotes from Chuck at, Tampa Armature Works, Inc.-Tampa location, for our pump/motor needs. Quotes always come back promptly, and when they are unable to provide me with pricing, Chuck will let me know. On our last order, the material ended up coming to us later than expected (because of a factory issue and not TAW’s), and Chuck was fantastic about staying up the top of it and giving me updates. Service and communication are a priority at TAW, and I look forward to working with them more in the future.

-D. Wininsky

I just want to thank Tampa Armature for keeping our generator running. The service your company provides is extraordinary – you always return my calls and service our generator on schedule.

Our generator ran five days without a hiccup!!! We know it ran because of your continued service. Our next-door neighbors on each side had issues with their generators while we did not! Tampa Armature is the best! 

- Aileen D.


In my opinion, you and Lori have been exceptional at supporting Tidewell during this hurricane season.

Thank you!

-Bill B.


I hope you and your family have recovered from Hurricane Irma and that you and your home fared well and are intact. Thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot our generator problem over the phone Sunday night (in the middle of the storm). Please accept my apologies; If I had known you were down in Venice (and I had you on the phone when the rain was pounding your area), I indeed would not have taken up your time. You were very gracious to try to help us get the generator operational over the phone and TAW deserves a big HIGH-FIVE for having a Field Service Representative at our facility by 10:00 AM, Monday morning. Again, THANK YOU to you and TAW for your excellent service.

-Nelson F.

For over 25 years, we have turned to TAW Power Systems as our trusted advisor in the generator industry. The KOHLER products they represent are top-quality and backed by knowledgeable support staff.

-Steven F.

Dear Mr. McGuire:

I would like to take the opportunity to commend your service technician Ed.  Ed was on site yesterday, 10/7, providing outstanding customer service.  Without diligence and hard work on their parts, I’m confident our generator would not have been functioning at full capacity, resulting in canceled surgery, upset patients, and lost revenue. I’m sure you know how valuable people like these are to have on your staff!


Shelley T., MBA
Surgery CenterAdministrator

I would like to give a special thank you to two very outstanding technicians and just good people. My unit which I purchased from Home Depot in the summer of 2012 and self-installed did not run correctly from the very beginning. The motor surged and did not run smoothly primarily when it was in non-load status.

I first contacted Wessley Rutherford of Valley Generator Services, and he made several trips with several modifications. He performed superbly and admirably represented his company and Kohler. The problem persisted so Wessley contacted TAW (distributor for Ala., Fla., Ga., La., Ms.) and they sent Zac Link to assist in analyzing the problem. Zac and Wessley spent a complete day attempting to trace down the problem but were still not able to correct it.

Today they both were back and after 4 hours now have the unit running great after changing out the carburetor air assembly with the new one designed by Kohler to naturally correct a first generation design problem with the original part.

I am happy with the unit, and I think that these two guys deserve a special thank you for their determination to FIX the problem. They represented their respective companies and Kohler in a significant way.

Great job guys from a delighted customer.

-Glenn T.

As a General Contractor specializing in the construction and rehabilitation of water and wastewater facilities in South Florida.

We have had the pleasure of working with TAW Power Systems over many years on multiple projects. They have provided generators and associated equipment ranging in size from 800kW to 2,000kW, including a recent project that employed paralleling switchgear linking an existing generator which they supplied some years ago, with a new 2,000 kW unit.

We are delighted with every aspect of the service that we have received from TAW from shop drawing submittals right through to start-up and commissioning of equipment. In general, we have found TAW personnel to be very helpful and dedicated to doing a first class job.

We have no hesitation in recommending TAW Power Systems. Their approach at every stage has always been thoroughly professional - the Owner and Engineer have always been delighted with the result.

 – Will P.

Yantra 119, LLC has been working with TAW Power Systems, Inc. on our iconic South Beach property, The Yukon Building for a few years. They performed each of our projects promptly and with exceptional quality skills that any business would want to rely on. Their management and supervision team has been a pleasure to work with, as we have found them to be honest and reliable. They have endeavored to be team players. I am pleased to recommend TAW POWER SYSTEMS, INC as a quality contractor.

We look forward to working with them for many more years and projects.

- Cinzia Z., Yantra 119 LLC 

I am in absolute amazement, customer service at its finest. I can’t say enough about how this is going to help me. All of you have made my day, and I hope that your supervisors know that valued employees keep his business going, he or she should be proud to have you on his team.

- Steve R.

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