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CE Robotic ArmsTAW® Custom Equipment takes pride in our heritage and the future of our industry. With years of experience in many different industries, we have worked with theme parks, food production facilities, and homeland security to provide custom equipment that meets and exceeds all standards while staying true to your specifications. Our engineers and manufacturers handle a wide variety of electrical controls panels, power distribution products, medium, and low voltage switchgear, enclosures, ISO container modifications, electrical powerhouses, and specialty and defense products.

Our Background and Philosophy

Our Custom Equipment division can trace its roots back to when it was created in 1956 to design and fabricate heavy-duty custom industrial equipment and electrical gear for companies within Florida’s phosphate mining industries.

Today, our philosophy remains the same as it did back in 1956 to build the highest quality products that provide customers years of unparalleled performance. Our industrial custom equipment team still proudly serves companies within the mining industries, while providing the same legendary quality and services to the military, homeland security agencies, municipalities, utilities, commercial, and industrial accounts worldwide.

The TAW® Custom Equipment facility has a state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing center that is ISO 9000 certified and complies with all U.S. standards. The plant features modern metal fabricating and powder-coat paint facilities, large assembly and structural welding areas, substantial, air-conditioned controls, and an automation assembly center. Equipped and staffed to handle high-volume production, we pride ourselves on having the flexibility and sophistication to design and build complicated and complex custom industrial equipment of virtually any size.


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