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    PLC/HMI and SCADA Integration

    SCADA- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition- is an automated process that industries use for automation. Examples include manufacturing and engineering facilities. SCADA is a system made up of PLC and RTU components. SCADA can sometimes have another component involved called, HMI. Altogether, SCADA has software and hardware elements in its system. These elements control/analyze processes, interactions, and monitor/record data using PLCs and HMI.


    TAW CE’s SCADA integration is visible throughout the southeast United States. Thanks to the expertise of our forward-thinking engineers, equipment/software projects have been completed for recognized companies such as Siemens, GE, and Toshiba. TAW systems integration is available for both industrial and municipal markets.



    TAW CE regularly utilizes the following software platforms:

    • ABB
    • AVEVA
    • Echo
    • FactoryTalk
    • GE
    • Phoenix
    • Prosoft
    • Rockwell
    • SEL
    • Studio5000
    • Toshiba
    • Yaskawa
    • And more

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