Creating From Scratch

If you can dream it, we can see it. Our engineers are here for you. We take the time to design your project on an empty canvas, while complying with strict manufacturing standards, we work with you to design a product that is structurally sound and reliable. Once everything has been approved for manufacturing, we build your apparatus from scratch that will work for years without fail. 

Our Custom Equipment is designed for indoor, or outdoor use, and are formed from structural materials such as steel, stainless-steel, and/or aluminum. Our team of engineers have years of experience in building your vision of custom equipment, while providing high standards for safety and reliability. If you need a custom piece of equipment, or just a custom piece of welded metal for a replacement part, we can help. Our facility can handle anything you need, no matter how big or small, we are your first stop.

Our 140,000 square foot facility is filled with highly advanced equipment that will cut, bend, heat, weld, squeeze, and stretch  materials together to form your future project. The ability to see your ideas and the ability to create an actualized item is where TAW Custom Equipment can be your Ultimate Power Partner. 

The Custom Equipment process starts with just one phone call. Find out more today by calling 1-813-425-7300 or dial toll-free at 1-866-387-0077.

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