Custom Engineered Power Solutions

Designing instruments that can support light or heavy loads of electricity is difficult; now imagine if you had to build it. It would be time-consuming, unsafe, and, most likely, impossible to make. That is where our custom power engineered solutions come in to play. TAW® Custom Equipment is your go-to source when you need power equipment built to your specifications. Our engineers and electricians are certified to design and develop your specialty equipment that will last for years to come.

What’s Entailed in Our Custom Engineered Power Solutions

We custom fabricate power panels to your specifications and equipment. Our teams of engineers create the blueprint and have it checked to comply with mechanical and electrical standards.

New rules and regulations will be implemented every year, which is why we are recertified to comply with the strict US and international standards.
Once inspected, it is sent to our in-house fabricators to start the construction process in our custom equipment (CE) facility. Once built, our safety engineers have the unit tested, and debugged to provide fail-safes on all our equipment. This is how we keep you and your employees safe from unforeseen circumstances. Your safety is our top priority, which is why TAW® is your Ultimate Power Partner.

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