Custom Containers That Meet Your Requirements

We have been in business since 1921, and our philosophy has not changed throughout the decades, our goal is to supply high quality power systems that meet and exceeed your specifications and requirements. 

TAW® Custom Equipment builds Modified Intermodal shipping containers that offer a very quick and economical alternative for smaller low voltage processes and control equipment enclosures. At just 8 feet wide and up to 45 feet long, they provide several size choices for equipment that will fit inside a 93" to 106" ceiling.Our in house modifications include insulation, HVAC, inner or outer skin, custom paint, modified length, access door additions, inner walls, etc. The fabrication of any custom container is reliable on the customers requirements, and the design starts with you. With Automatic Self-contained fire systems with controls and monitoring systems available in several configurations to meet codes and specifications, you will be safe anywhere in the world inside one of our ISO Containers.

TAW® can provide engineered solutions for many customized modifications. To learn more about our ISO containers call 1(866)387-0077 to talk to a specialist.

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