The Place To Keep Your Power Flowing

TAW® Custom Equipment places the highest priority on establishing relationships and maintaining partnerships that mutual benefit our customers, consultants, and end users. Often referred to as E-Houses, or Electrical Equipment Houses, packaged electrical power centers are one of many products that TAW® offers to create that value. We have been manufacturing centers for over 50 years. TAW® Custom Equipment is ISO 9001 certified. Our prefabricated equipment centers set the industry standard for quality and durability. Fully integrated, wired and tested equipment centers are custom manufactured from your choice of durable, powder-coated, galvanized steel, marine grade aluminum or stainless steel.                                       

The combination of durability and portability reduces site installation time and cost. Keeping on your budget is our goal in providing great service with amazing equipment centers that can be configured for many applications including medium and low voltage switchgear, motor control, communication equipment, relay and control panels, UPS, DCS cabinets, VFDs or any other electrical or mechanical equipment that could benefit from our neat and rugged outdoor packaging. Equipment can be produced or supplied by TAW, and we will integrate equipment supplied by others. On site acceptance testing is offered to further minimize site installation time, another reason why TAW is our Ultimate Power Partner.

Our engineers can tell you all our abilities and services, talk to a specialist today at 1-813-425-7300, or for international customers call 1-866-387-0077.

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