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    Mining Power Solutions

    Since 1956 TAW’s Custom Equipment division (CE) has been designing and building the most sophisticated and robust power distribution equipment for aggregate and surface mining operations. The foundation of nearly all TAW CE’s power systems for mining is a ruggedized steel sled designed to be dragged through the mud and rough terrain by heavy equipment to where the mining operation needs the power or control work to be done.

    TAW CE specializes in well-made equipment that meets NEMA 1, 3R, 12, 4, 4X, and specialty ratings as well as UL, CSA, ANSI, IEEE, and other standards where applicable. All of TAW CE’s mining power systems are built to last in the toughest of environments.

    VFD Control Sleds

    Our VFD Control Sleds are enclosed in environmentally isolated and climate-controlled equipment structures, and skid mounted with isolation, bypass, and/or auxiliary equipment. TAW CE engineers, welders, craft smiths, and technicians provide a top-of-the-line controller that meets required standards and is built to run for years.

    • Low/Med voltage controls
    • Power voltage that goes up to 5kV
    • Power voltage that generates 100-500 horsepower
    • Several design concepts available

    Pump Sleds & Pump Control Sleds

    TAW CE’s Motor/Diesel Driven Pump combination units are designed to give years of service in the most rugged environments. We offer many customized options for matrix slurry and dredge duty applications. We also offer several optional control systems that are available for onboard or remote mounting.

    • Power voltage that goes up to 15kV
    • 5000+ Horsepower
    • Full voltage, reduced voltage, and soft start options
    • Custom designed enclosures available

    Power Distribution Sleds (PDS)

    • Overhead towers
    • Rugged transformers
    • Secondary switchgear
    • Primary voltage run-up to 69kV.
    • Secondary voltage goes up to 15kV
    • Transformers that are power rated to 15 MVA
    • And more

    Pit Gun Cars

    Our operator housed matrix slurry stations are used in open-pit mining and are operator controlled with hydraulic guns. TAW CE heavy-duty steel sled mounted Pit Gun Cars are a specialized device custom manufactured for the phosphate mining industry.

    • Programmable operation- for learned mode and hands-free control
    • Many configurations and option packages

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on Mining Power Solutions.

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