Mining Equipment That Works With You

Our Custom Equipment Constant Speed Pump Control Sleds can produce up to 15 kV, and can generate 5000 Horsepower, or more. The time it takes to build a Sled is nothing compared to their durability in the field and mines. Our equipment has been tested time and time again to last you years to come. Starting from a blank slate, our engineers design your equipment to your specifications and make sure it meets all US and International standards. From full voltage, reduced voltage, and soft start units we incorporate your equipment with the latest technology to offer you a surpassed quality and reliability. 

Our constant speed pump control skids and sleds are rugged and are designed to handle the outdoors. They come with custom enclosures with multiple options for controls that offer you the best of both worlds. We know that it isn't easy to handle equipment failures, which is why you should use TAW. Our teams of engineers, fabricators, and technicians have the answer to all your problems. See our section on control systems by coming in and speaking to a specialist.

For more information, or to talk to a specialist, call 1-813-425-7300 or call toll-free 1-866-387-0077.

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