Specialty Equipment Not Found In Stores

We have been asked many different question throughout the years, and the most prominent question we get asked is "can you build this?", and the simple answer is "Yes".  Our design team is the best, we have been an industry leader for mining equipment in the southeastern United States. Our operator housed matrix slurry stations are used in open pit mining, and are operator controlled with hydraulic guns. The goal is to build equipment that you have been dreaming of, while meeting all US and international standards. The producing of slurry for pumping to processing plants is demanding, that is why our units typically provide controls for the entire matrix line.

TAW® Heavy Duty steel sled mounted Pit Gun Cars are a specialized device custom manufactured for the phosphate mining industry. The industry’s most sophisticated cars feature programmable operation for learned mode, and hands free control. There are many configurations and options available to fit your needs. With over 50 years in the industry, we have been time and time again the leader in the southeast. This is why TAW is your Ultimate Power Partner.

To learn more about what we can do for you and your mining needs, call 1-813-425-7300 or call toll free at 1-866-387-0077.

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