The Power Of Mining Equipment

The workload of any heavy-duty equipment is tough, and the people who built that equipment are tougher. TAW® Custom Equipment has been in the industry for over 50 years and does not plan on leaving. With a heavy-duty portable skid and sled, we offer Power Distribution Sleds with overhead towers, rugged transformers, secondary switchgear, and more. With your needed specifications, we will design and build every PDS from scratch.

Our Fabricators are highly trained and skilled in building your portable sled from the ground up. The primary voltage run-up to 69kV and the secondary voltage go up to 15kV, with transformers that are power rated to 15 MVA. TAW® can make your equipment reliable and durable for any rugged condition you can put it in. We have worked with Mosaic phosphate mining for years to produce equipment that can withstand the harsh environment that they operate in, day in and out.


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