When Controls Can’t Be In A Fixed Location

TAW® Custom Equipment has years of experience in industrial variable speed motor control fabrication. Our engineers have worked with many construction and mining companies to build bigger, stronger, and more reliable controls. There are no jobs too big for our fabricators.

The importance of having VFD controls designed to your specifications is essential, but making them reliable is even more critical when people, time, and money are on the line. Our VFD Control Sleds are enclosed in environmentally isolated and climate-controlled equipment structures, and skid mounted with isolation, bypass, and/or auxiliary equipment. We can design your perfect piece of equipment that can work harder while handling anything you can throw at it.

Each VFD control sled requires 40 employees working over 1000 hours who use 18 different types of high tech machining equipment. This time and labor investment allow TAW® Custom Equipment to provide a top of the line controller that meets required standards and is built to run for years. With a Power voltage that goes up to 8kV, and generates 2000 horsepower or higher, you understand why you choose TAW® CE.


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