Motor Control Centers (Low/Med)
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    Motor Control Centers

    Custom Design to Your Specifications

    TAW Custom Equipment has designed custom motor control centers for years for many different industries, including amusement parks, line productions, mining equipment, and many others.

    TAW CE’s motor control centers or MCC’s are: 

    • Custom made
    • Assembled for grouped control equipment
    • Primarily used for control of motors and distribution of power
    • Designed for three-phase, 230-volt, and 480-volt applications,
    • Open to modifications to meet your requirements

    TAW CE’s motor control centers or MCC’s include:

    • Horizontal bus within CE’s custom-designed motor control centers
      • Capable of 3,200 amps, and a vertical bus is fully rated up to 1200 amps.
    • Bus bracing
    • 65kAIC standard and is optional up to 100kAIC
    • Vertical bus barrier options include isolated or insulated bus
    • Insulated bus includes automatically closing shutter mechanism over the open vertical bus connections for increased safety
    • All parts and wiring are front-accessible for ease of installation and maintenance
    • Vertical wire ways that are separate from motor control center units to provide safe and convenient access to wiring and conduits without de-energizing any equipment
    • Available depths of 16 inches and 22 inches with front-to-back designs of 22 inches deep
    • Integral variable speed drives, or VFDs, are available in the Integrated MCC structures

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on, Motor Control Centers (Low/Med).

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