Custom Switchboards and Panelboards

TAW Custom Equipment builds many different types of custom switchboards that provide the highest level of engineering and are extremely easy to install. These designs also simplify wiring and reduce material requirements, saving additional installation and maintenance time.

Our convertible main breaker and main lug kits will allow you to switch from main lug to main breaker, and vice versa with no change in enclosure size or additional cabling. Field added breakers can be installed without utilizing any of your feeder breaker positions or increasing your box height. Plug-in construction and removable lugs make wiring easier and faster. Bus connected surge protective devices, integrated power monitoring, and unique design does not require unique mountings for top and bottom feeds. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to provide adaptable custom panelboards for your specific apparatus.

The custom switchboards combine space-saving design with modular construction and increased systems ratings to provide economical and dependable electrical system distribution and protection. A wide range of metering options for power measurement and power quality is available. Electronic trip units can provide enhanced accuracy and reliability for protection. These configurations are available with:

  • 6000A maximum main bus rating
  • 600 VAC and below
  • Front or rear accessible with indoor or outdoor enclosures
  • Microprocessor-based metering
  • Monitoring and communication devices
  • Utility metering provisions
  • Surge protective devices (SPD)
  • Ground fault protection
  • Busway and transformer connections
  • Up to 200 KAIC standard bus bracing

To talk to a specialist about your switchboard and panelboard needs call 1-813-425-7300 or call toll-free at 1-866-387-0077.

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