Switchgear (5kv – 38kv & low voltage)

Custom Switchgear Solutions

TAW® is a leader in switchgear, and our staff of engineers designs all our units to your specifications. We can build low and medium voltage, metal-clad switchgear, and metal-enclosed switchgear. Our switchgear is designed to maximize the functionality of the circuit breakers, provide ease of maintenance, and reliable circuit protection. All switchgear manufactured in our facility meets all applicable ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA standards.

TAW® traditional and arc-resistant switchgear technology is designed for easy access and maintenance and space savings package.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage metal-enclosed, draw-out, and fixed breaker switchgear is designed to provide superior electrical distribution, protection, and power quality management for the entire facility. The prime components of the switchgear are ANSI rated circuit breakers from major manufacturers. All of these features are packed into the smallest footprint available for low voltage switchgear. All low voltage switchgear is designed and built to ANSI standards. Standard and Arc flash limiting breakers are available in several ampere ratings. A family of field-installable and upgradeable trip units with optional communications features is available for most breakers. The bolted copper bus is provided as standard. A large rear cable compartment area allows for maximum room for power cables. Enclosures and buses have provisions for future equipment expansion. Modular design allows for easy addition of control accessories. Equipment is available in indoor and outdoor NEMA/ANSI configurations of up to 600 VAC, 5000 amp main bus, 4000 amp vertical bus, and rated up to 100 kAIC. Switchgear has a UL 1558 label and conforms to C37.20.1.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

TAW® has the technology to provide a medium voltage ANSI switchgear product line, including breakers and structures from major manufactures such as:

These can be standard or custom structures meeting all your requirements. Equipment ratings are available from 5KV to 38KV, with up to 150kA interrupt ratings and a complete line of arc-resistant equipment.

A compartment concept is used with grounded metal barriers that segregate primary functions so that no live parts are exposed. Safety interlocks are standard, as are closed-door racking and storage, breaker position indicator, and positively actuated safety shutters. All functional units- incoming line, mains, feeders, bus-tie, and auxiliary units – are available to give you wide latitude in system planning. The versatility of one- or two-high stacking creates the maximum value for your application.

Metal Clad Switchgear

Our switchgear is available in maximum voltage ratings from 4.76 kV through 38 kV, and interrupting ratings up to 200kA. TAW® offers a total design concept of the cell, breaker, and auxiliary equipment, which can be assembled in various combinations to satisfy user application requirements. Two-high breaker arrangements are standard up to 15 kV. One-high breaker arrangement can be furnished when required.

Metal-clad switchgear rated from 5 kV to 38 kV is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Motorized remote racking devices are provided for a means of remotely inserting or removing any draw-out circuit breaker used in switchgear to help reduce arc flash exposure.

Metal Enclosed Switchgear

TAW® metal-enclosed switchgear is engineered for applications that require a low duty cycle. This is a cost-effective option as in the traditional Load Interrupter Switchgear (load break switch or LBS), which is designed to industry standards for quality and a low price option. These switches are available in 5kV to 38kV in 40kA and 61kA ratings.

Metal Enclosed Circuit Breaker Switchgear provides overcurrent protection for increased system protection and coordination for applications where metal-clad switchgear is not required, and a switch or switch and fuse combination is not suitable. All protective devices and metering are conveniently mounted on the switchgear structure door in both indoor and outdoor non-walk-in enclosures. This switchgear is used for single or multiple circuits, transformer primaries, and mains for medium-voltage switchgear applications. Draw-out vacuum breakers are ideal for high duty cycle, as well as applications requiring a rapid return to service after a load fault.

*Vacuum switchgear meets or exceeds the following industry standards: ANSI/IEEE C37.20.3, C37.20.4, C37.22, C37.57, C37.58.

*Custom or matching line metal-clad switchgear designed and tested to IEEE C37.20.2 for medium voltage and IEEE C37.20.1 for low voltage.


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