Large Generator & Turbine Repair Services
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    Repair Services for Utility Generators & Large Turbines

    24/7 Emergency Service to Keep Your Business Running

    The utility turbine and generator repair team at TAW® are capable of supporting all your power generation equipment. Whether it runs on steam, diesel, natural gas, or biogas, reciprocating engines are our area of expertise. We also specialize in wind and hydro-powered generators of all sizes and types.

    For diagnostic analysis, regular maintenance, total overhauls, and even retrofits of large-scale turbines, TAW provides repair services for utility generators that are cost-effective and conscious of your production schedule.

    Utility Generator Testing & Diagnostics

    TAW can service your power generating equipment with a wide range of maintenance services and repair work – including testing on the components, recommendations of work to complete, and 24/7 emergency service. Our diagnostic reporting process for utility generators and turbines includes a wide range of analyses, including:

    • Bump Testing
    • Rotor Repair
    • Stator Repair
    • Doble® Power Factor and Tip-Up Testing
    • EL CID Testing
    • Failure Analysis
    • Hi-Potential Testing
    • Insulation Resistance Testing
    • Wedge Tightness Testing
    • Winding Resistance Testing
    • AC Impedance Testing

    Large Turbine Generator Repair & Overhaul Services

    In addition to testing and maintaining your power equipment, TAW’s has the skills and certifications to conduct repairs and overhauls to restore your systems performance standards. We also handle emergency repairs and outage support 24/7. Whether it’s simple repairs, or total renovations, we are your go-to turbine & generator specialists. Some of our capabilities include:

    • Collector Ring Repair and Replacement
    • Pole Balance
    • Replacement of Main Leads
    • Rotor Rewinds
    • Supply New Rotor Windings
    • End Turn Repairs
    • Stator Core Re-Stacking, Re-Wedging, & Rewinds

    Generator Retrofit & Redesign Services

    TAW is a renowned armature repair provider with a reputation for extensive redesign and retrofit work on utility generators. Our design team is capable of insulation class upgrades, voltage changes, reconnections, and everything in-between.

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on Large Utility Turbine Generator Repair Services.

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