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    We Handle Most Generator Types

    TAW® is the first stop when it comes to your Large Power Generators. If the prime mover is steam, diesel, natural gas, or biogas turbines, reciprocating engines are our area of expertise. We even specialize in wind and hydro-powered generators of all sizes and types. From high-speed two-pole generators to multipole slow-speed generators, our experience & engineering excellence is world-class. Our team of technicians is ready to work on your equipment.

    No matter the make or model, we can inspect your generator for problems and quote you the same day, with a 100 percent guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. Our skilled technicians are the best in the industry and have countless years of experience and knowledge. The ability to provide on-site and in-shop services to your large generator is what makes us a leader in the industry. We have worked with many companies throughout the years that needed work done on their turbine generators.

    We work closely with:

    • Chemical
    • Citrus
    • Commercial Facilities
    • Entertainment and Theme Parks
    • Food Processing
    • Government
    • Mining
    • Military
    • Pump and Paper
    • Utilities
    • Water and Wastewater
    • And More

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on Large Turbine Generators.

    TAW Inc.