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    Stator Testing

    El CID, Digital Wedge, Winding Resistance Testing & Beyond

    TAW is a leader in stator testing and diagnostics. Our certified test equipment is constantly calibrated, while continuous training for our technicians provides for reports that are developed by TAW’s engineering teams that are dependable to the final decimal point. We specialize in all aspects of stator testing, including: EI CID, digital wedge tightness, winding resistance testing, borescope inspections, Hi-potential testing, core bolt tightness testing, core bolt insulation resistance, partial discharge testing, insulation power factor testing (tie up testing), and end winding frequency (bump) testing.

    Our team of experts will examine your equipment’s stator and test for any issues that may be the root cause of your problems, and provide you with an exact diagnosis. We offer a thorough report that gives you all the information you will want to know about your apparatus. It is essential to us that you are pleased with our services, and that is why TAW is your Ultimate Power Partner.

    To talk to a specialist about how we can help diagnose your stators condition, call 1-866-860-6267.

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