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    Wind Turbine & Generator Repair

    TAW offers a wide range of maintenance and repair work for wind power equipment including diagnostics, field services, and planned maintenance programs.

    In addition to maintaining your wind power equipment, TAW’s has the skills and certifications to conduct repairs and overhauls to restore performance of wind turbines and generators. We also handle emergency repairs and outage support 24/7.

    Whether it’s simple fixes or total renovations, our turn-key wind turbine repair capabilities make owning or managing wind power farms easier and more profitable. Some of our capabilities include:

    • Electrical & Mechanical repairs
    • Stator coil manufacturing
    • VPI insulation systems
    • In-house machining & engineering
    • Performance inspections using laser alignment, vibration analysis, thermography, and other methods
    • Diagnostics such as Baker surge testing, motor circuit evaluation, partial discharge, etc.
    • And much more

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on Wind Turbine Repair Services

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