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    Electric Motor Repairs

    TAW® leads the industry in electric motor repairs, rewinds, and rebuilds for all types and sizes of industrial AC & DC motors.

    Motor Repair Services

    Our motor shops located throughout Florida provide quick turnaround times, quality work, and first-class customer service. You can trust TAW with all your electric motor repair needs, including:

    We Are Motor Experts

    TAW is proud to hold many certifications for AC/DC, synchronous, low, medium, and high voltage motor repairs. We are 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and CFR Part 21 Nuclear Safety-Related Compliant – enabling us to service safety-related motors for nuclear power plants. Additionally, we are NAVSEA seal insulation certified.

    Our highly trained technicians and mechanics are experts at diagnosing critical areas of failure and will present you with solutions to improve your motor’s performance. We provide industrial motor repairs for:

    NEMA Motors

    TAW has been working on NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) motors for generations and has a proven unbeaten track record in diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing, reconditioning, and rewinding NEMA-rated motors. Our technicians are trained on Low Voltage AC Induction motors to provide quick and reliable repairs. We provide repairs on the most common Squirrel-Cage rotors and offer easy conversions from U-frame spec to T-frame.

    Above NEMA Motors

    TAW has dedicated resources to provide the very best repair services on your Above NEMA Low, Medium, or High Voltage AC Induction Motors. Our Above NEMA team of technicians carry multiple certifications and are the best in the industry. Our quality assurance process provides detailed reports during every stage of the repair on each component that passes through our service centers.

    DC Motors

    The complexity of industrial DC motor repairs requires highly skilled and experienced artisans. Working on Shunt, Series, Compound, and Traction motors rated between 90V and 1500V, our teams of technicians are exceedingly qualified to service your motors.

    Solve your motor issues ASAP and schedule an appointment today.

    Synchronous Motors

    We offer top-of-the-line service on all synchronous motors. In addition to providing detailed diagnostics and reports on your equipment’s health, our team of technicians knows how to quickly and effectively repair any synchronous motor issue.

    Custom Motors

    In addition to industrial electric motor repairs, TAW can also redesign an existing motor or create a custom motor for your unique needs. Our experienced engineers and technicians provide a wide range of knowledge on complex and custom projects. No matter how complex your project, our turnkey solutions include design, installation, general repairs, and on-going maintenance plans.

    From off-the-shelf to custom motors and scheduled maintenance to emergency service, TAW has all your industrial motor repair needs covered.

    Need Some Major Motor Work?

    Our engineering team can provide the custom machining and modifications needed to improve the performance of your electric motor or alter its capabilities. Learn more about our services for industrial motor diagnostics, overhauls, and retrofit/redesigns.

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