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    Electric Motor Diagnostics, Overhauls & Redesigns

    Comprehensive Motor Testing

    TAW® has been an electric motor expert since 1921. Our decades of experience, combined with high levels of engineering education and the latest equipment, is the foundation of our industry-leading electrical motor testing and diagnostic reporting. We can pinpoint any system problem and provide servicing and repair options to keep you up and running.

    Our electric motor testing process includes a wide range of diagnostic exercises, including:

    • Insulation Testing
      • Including Dielectric Absorption, Power Factor, Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, Surge, and Hi-Potential Testing.
    • Motor Circuit Analysis
    • Thermography
    • Winding Analysis
    • Partial Discharge Testing
    • Root Cause Failure Analysis/Conditional Assessment
    • Mechanical Testing
      • Including Modal Analysis, Concentricity, Hardness Testing, Vibration Analysis, Balancing & Laser Alignment, And Non-Destructive Testing


    Motor Overhauls & Reconditions

    Whether your motor needs some minor reconditioning, or a complete restack and rewind, TAW Service Centers have no equal. Our technicians are fully equipped to tackle the most complex motor issues and get your equipment running better than new.

    TAW’s technicians first test your motor, then share their diagnostic findings and proposal of work to you before any work occurs. We use the highest rated materials and equipment to provide outstanding overhauls and other modifications like voltage upgrades, insulation reinforcement, and rewinding for horsepower upgrades. We can also make complex mechanical changes such as shaft straightening or replacement, rotor restacking, stator lamination repair, frame modifications, and cooling enhancements.

    If your motor doesn’t need a total overhaul, but still requires some TLC, TAW also offers reconditioning services:

    • Disassembly
    • Cleaning
    • Reinsulating and undercutting
    • Balancing and reassembly
    • Bearing replacement
    • Commutator turns

    Motor Retrofits & Redesign Services

    Whether you need a lighter, faster, more efficient, or just more powerful piece of equipment, we can redesign it to be safe and reliable while meeting your specifications and US safety standards. Our design team is capable of frequency conversions, speed change rewinding, conversion to inverter duty, horsepower improvement, voltage changes, reconnections, and more.

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on Electric Motor Diagnostics, Overhauls, and Redesigns

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