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    Electric Motor Testing and Diagnostics

    Avoid Unplanned Outages with Reliable Motors

    Tampa Armature Works, Inc. (TAW®) has been an electric motor expert since 1921. Experience, combined with high levels of engineering education, is the foundation of our industry-leading electrical motor testing and analysis procedures designed to reveal even the most complex motor problems. Diagnosing the cause of your problem is at the heart of our electric motor testing and services. Whether testing your motor for electrical glitches or mechanical hitches, we provide you with the solution to your problem.

    Comprehensive Motor Testing

    Our extensive electric motor testing includes a wide-range of diagnostic exercises for general motor evaluation and to identify underlying issues, including:

    Electrical Testing

    TAW® has placed a priority on investing in our test equipment technology to provide accurate data reports for quick and reliable diagnostics. Our testing is comprehensive for insulation testing, motor circuit analysis, thermography, winding analysis, and partial discharge testing that will reveal a real conditional assessment.

    Insulation Testing

    Our motor insulation testing and our technicians have all the newest tools to make sure your insulation is holding up to abnormal conditions. We provide Dielectric Absorption, Power Factor, Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, Surge, and Hi-Potential Testing. All of our motor testing equipment is recalibrated after every use, to guarantee our accuracy rating does not weaken.

    Proving the winding insulation systems are within spec or best is the purpose of TAW’s extensive insulation testing processes. Dielectric absorption, power factor, polarization index (PI), surge, or high potential (hi-pot) testing eliminates guessing and proves out your motor’s insulation strength.

    Motor Circuit Analysis

    A problem with a motor will vary, but our dynamic motor circuit analysis will diagnose performance on your motor while running with or without load. Conditional MCE testing is an accurate dynamic test for your motor’s condition. Measuring electrical characteristics like impedance, inductance, and capacitance provide condition information.


    Our thermal imaging and thermal video is a fast and safe method of motor testing to identify electrical and mechanical problems. Heat is the enemy of any electrical or mechanical system. Our Infrared “IR” technology is the most up-to-date equipment on the market. It provides accurate temperature images within 1 Degree Fahrenheit difference in real-time, using infrared to detect the hot spots on your equipment. TAW® has a proven track record of identifying and recalibrating your equipment to be efficient and reliable, which will extend the life of your motor. We will pinpoint any system problem and provide service and repair options to keep you operational.

    Winding Analysis

    TAW® is the leader in the motor winding analysis and performs non-destructive and in-place trending of electrical machines. Our study provides necessary tests to know the motor’s winding insulation statues and helps to reduce any future losses.

    Partial Discharge Testing

    Our motor shops specialize in partial discharge testing of insulation systems that reveal defects not visible to the naked eye. We take the time to test your electric motor, so we save you time and money.

    Root Cause Failure Analysis/Conditional Assessment

    Root Cause Failure Analysis is the process of identifying the source causing a particular failure and using that data to create an approach for corrective/preventative action. Here at TAW®, we design a plan of action to make repairs that directly correct failures discovered in the RCA.

    Mechanical Testing

    TAW® has placed a priority on investing in new equipment that will provide premium data reports for quick and reliable diagnostics. Our motor testing varies from a-z, with tools for modal analysis, concentricity, hardness testing, vibration analysis, balancing and laser alignment, and non-destructive testing that will provide you with a cause failure analysis and subject assessment. We do not skip any steps in our mechanical testing.

    Non-Destructive Testing

    We do multiple tests on your electric motors, and we prefer a non-destructive analysis that will not cause future complications. That is why we offer testing for EDDY current, shaft inspections, shear waves, dye penetrants, magnetic particles, x-rays, and ultrasonic thickness testing. TAW® is your primary source for cause analysis of your problems.

    Modal Analysis

    By measuring and analyzing the dynamic response of structures and fluids during excitation, we can find stress areas that need to be reinforced or manipulated for correction. With highly accurate tools, we can precisely diagnose devices for vibrational excitations tensions.

    Vibration Analysis

    TAW® has been leaders for years in understanding seismic instruments to measure vibrations in your equipment. Our tests will find wear and tear before you experience a catastrophic failure.

    Balancing & Laser Alignment

    The alignment of your rotational equipment can cause high wear and tear to your motor, if it is not valid, our service centers have high-tech equipment that utilizes lasers to find perfect equilibrium, and detect out of balance defeats.

    Our accurate instruments and comprehensive diagnostic reports can evaluate your electrical and mechanical equipment precisely.


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