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    Major Overhaul

    TAW® Motor Repair & Overhaul services provide fully compliant safety programs to quality assurance procedures, to apparatus engineering and reporting from the experienced staff of certified personnel. The ability to take the equipment that is out of commission and give it some much-needed attention, and revive it to working order, is what we do best. Whether reconditioning or a complete restack and rewind, TAW® Service Centers have no equal.

    Our facilities are staffed with trained and certified technicians, that will recondition, rewind, or restack your motor to provide an efficient and dependable motor that runs for years to come. We apply QA (Quality Assurance), and QC (Quality Control) processes for all work done in our facility while providing the best available turnaround time. TAW® will help keep your motor running while staying within your budget and keep you up to speed with your equipment.

    TAW® works on both electrical and mechanical issues, repairing the cause of your motors problems is what we do best. We take the time to review each apparatus that comes through our facility to provide a quality assurance guarantee that we will get your equipment quickly running better than new. Our trained technicians are working day in and out to promise that TAW® is the first and only choice in motor analysis, diagnosis, and repair. This is why TAW® is your Ultimate Power Partner.

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on, Overhaul Services

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