Mechanical Overhaul Services
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    Mechanical Overhaul Services

    TAW’s Mechanical Technicians are always checking and verifying the condition of your equipment while problem-solving critical issues of your apparatus’s state. Every technician is trained and certified to work on your motor. We perform bearing repairs and replacement on all rollers, tilting pads, Kingsbury, sleeves, tapered, ball, and elliptical sleeve bearings. We also provide shaft straightening or replacement, rotor restacking or repair, stator lamination repair, frame modifications, and cooling enhancements. With the latest technology on our side, we have all our technicians fully equipped to diagnose and repair your motor issues.

    TAW® will provide you with the very best mechanical overhaul services in the industry. We are dedicated and provide the best customer service with the best technicians in their respected fields. When your equipment is having mechanical problems, make sure you call a TAW® specialist to find the root cause of your apparatus’s malfunction.


    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on, Mechanical Overhaul Services.

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