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    Our Pump Services reach is Greater than our Competitors

    Tampa Armature Works, Inc. is a superior service provider for your pump repair and overhauling. With oversight from our engineering team, our technicians will repair any pump type to bring it back to OEM standards or better. We Specialize in machining, shaft, impeller, and weld repair, as well as, coating, balancing, and new part manufacturing while providing turnkey service. These are our services available for pump repairs and overhauls:

    Balancing of rotating equipment is important to the proper operation of that equipment. TAW balances small rotors; all the way to 40,000 pounds. TAW maintains soft and hard bearing balance stands. TAW’s balance stands are calibrated and the personnel is certified. Whether static or dynamically balancing is required, TAW has equipment that meets ANSI, API, and theoretical specifications. TAW specializes in the manufacturing of balanced special mandrels for equipment when necessary.

    Offering Turnkey Services

    Our Turnkey Services is renowned in the industry as the trusted name for your pump systems. TAW has experienced personnel who can remove and re-install your rotating equipment on-site. Our team is trained and certified for equipment operation, heavy tools, and safety. TAW maintains our own fleet of service trucks and tooling. Minimum safety training includes OSHA, MSHA, and customer site-specific requirements. Rely on a single source of responsibility!

    New Part Manufacturing

    OEM Parts: TAW is an official distributor and repair facility for a variety of manufacturers, like Foster Wheeler, and American-Marsh pumps to name a few. TAW has access to OEM drawings and can source or manufacture OEM specification parts.

    Reverse Engineered Parts: TAW can reverse engineer parts to be able to provide the same part, or parts, that are better than OEM specs. We can upgrade materials and redesign parts for longer life.

    Castings: TAW can provide metal castings of a variety of materials and sizes. We reverse engineer castings and provide new designs for the production of replacement parts. TAW can provide stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and cast iron castings.

    Shaft Repair

    Shaft Straightening: TAW performs shaft straightening, and our skilled machinist will map out the shafts “run-out” and use targeted heat or hydraulic pressure to straighten the shaft within acceptable tolerances. We can even stress relieve shafts to allow for metal memory.

    Welding: TAW performs welding repairs for a variety of materials from stainless steel to aluminum bronze. While maintaining welding procedures and certified welders (ASME and AWS certifications). TAW can repair indications on shafts, impellers, stub shafts, and final machining to proper dimensions and tolerances.

    Metal Coating: In cases where shafts are worn out and material needs to be built up for reinforcement. TAW can weld, metalize, chrome, or HVOF surfaces as appropriate for the material and the repair work scope. Our facilities can machine equipment to the proper dimensions and tolerances.

    Machine Repair

    Concentricity, Parallelism, and Perpendicularity Checks: TAW can check and re-establish your rotating equipment to OEM tolerances through concentricity, parallelism, and perpendicularity technology. Our machinery and skilled craftsmen will bring your equipment back to new or better state.

    Bearing Clearance: An important factor in life longevity of your rotating apparatus. TAW can check and machine your equipment for the proper industry bearing clearances. We keep our technology current and machinery calibrated to all industry standards to guarantee your equipment operates above par.

    Boring & Sleeving: TAW can bore out worn-out equipment housings, and sleeve them with new material, to re-establish the OEM dimensions and tolerance standards. Boring and sleeving will save you time and money when it counts the most!

    Impeller Repair

    Weld Repair: TAW can perform weld repairs for a variety of materials from stainless steel to aluminum bronze. We maintain welding procedures for our certified welders on premise. Welding procedures meet ASME and AWS standards.

    Polishing: Our technicians polish impellers providing increased efficiency and reduce surface erosion. Through grinding and polishing, we can improve the impeller’s finish to better than OEM requirements.

    Pitch Tracking: Our specialists will confirm impeller specs and adjust the impeller blade pitch to correct cavitation and performance. Through pitch tracking and correction, we can eliminate hydraulic imbalances caused by inconsistent blade positioning.

    Performance Improvements: TAW can analyze impeller design and adjust pitch, polish, under-file, and over-file impeller blades that enhance performance.

    Weld Repairs

    Welding Procedures: We can perform weld repairs for a variety of materials from stainless steels to aluminum-bronze. TAW maintains ASME and AWS welding procedures and certified welders, and specializing in MIG, TIG and stick welding. Our specialist checks all the materials needed for weld repairs through non-destructive analysis. TAW can grind, polish, and machine weld repairs to bring equipment back to OEM standard.

    Aluminum Bronze: TAW has certified welders and procedures for a variety of aluminum-bronze metals. TAW can repair cracks and lost material through aluminum bronze welding.

    Cast Iron: Our in-house proprietary procedures are effective for welding cast iron. TAW is an expert at repairing cracks, and weave lost material through welding of cast iron.

    Stainless Steel: TAW has certified welding specialist for a variety of stainless steel metals. We can repair cracks, as well as, build up lost material through welding of stainless steel.


    Sand/Shell/Bead Blasting: TAW can provide a variety of sandblasting services from aggressive aluminum oxide to crushed walnut shell to glass bead. Blasting services are important to keep your equipment clean and to prepare equipment for long-life paint/epoxy coatings.

    Polyurethane/Epoxy/Ceramic/Powder Coatings: TAW can provide a variety of equipment coatings including polyurethane, epoxy, fiberglass, and ceramic epoxy. We prepare your equipment properly for the appropriate coating and apply the coating to manufacturer’s specification for the longest lifespan. TAW utilizes climate controlled areas for specific coatings procedures. Our teams of applicators are true professionals.

    When you need a pump repaired, trust TAW to do it right the first time, call 1-866-860-6267.

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