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    Repairing Pumps Small & Large

    TAW has been working in the pump industry for over 90 years and has the experience to prove it. Our technicians work on all pump types, from positive displacement to centrifugal, we make sure your pump is running better than new. From commercial to industrial, we have the specialist that work on pumps of all sizes, our team has all the parts you need to keep the pump going.

    TAW has been an industry leader in pump repair and services. We take the time to inspect your equipment’s quality and durability. Our years of experience with working on water treatment plants and their plumbing equipment has built our reputation and our customer’s loyalty. Put your trust in us, and we will give you access to 95 years of experience and skilled technicians that are highly certified and recommended in the industry. Our team is available 24-7 to bring you quick and reliable service that will bring your equipment up and be running quickly.

    Vertical Turbine Pump Repair

    TAW repairs many types of pumps including vertical turbine pumps. These pumps include single stage, multi-stage, heater drain, condensate, circulating water, flood control, final effluent, or just general service. TAW can also provide new vertical turbine pumps as an official distributor of American-Marsh Pumps.

    Centrifugal Pump Repair

    TAW repairs many types of centrifugal pumps from a variety of manufacturers. TAW can repair any size of centrifugal pump for any application. TAW can also provide new centrifugal pumps as an official distributor of American-Marsh Pumps.

    Submersible Pump Repair

    TAW repairs all manufactured types of submersible pumps. TAW can repair the submersible electric motors, pump casing, impellers, mechanical seals, and lead wire connections.

    To contact a pump repair specialist or to schedule a visit, call 1-866-860-6267.

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