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    We know all about Pumps

    TAW® is dedicated to providing superior engineering services from evaluation to skilled craftsmen for all your pump needs. We take the time to select the right engineer for your technical redesign and retrofitting. Our Engineers are certified to design and calculate your projects materials, pressure limits, and dimensions. To provide the best equipment that meets all industry standards, we hire highly experienced and innovative personal that can find the solution to your equipment’s design. We can engineer any part that you may need to a custom plumbing setup.

    Reverse Engineering

    3D Modeling offers many advantages with engineering custom parts and allows for the reverse engineering of any part. Our Laser scanning equipment is used to map old worn-out parts in order to prepare for 3D modeling measurements that can be saved and used to remake unique, discontinued, or old parts that need to be modified to your standard. Upgrading materials and redesigning parts for improved efficiency and lifespan are some of our most utilized capabilities.

    Our team of engineers and craftsmen are highly regarded in their respected fields, with years of experience under their belt; you can be assured that we can take care of your equipment modifications easily and safely to provide you with an easy fit retrofit. The best thing we can offer you is our services.

    To learn more of our Technical Retrofits and Redesigns, call 1-866-860-6267.

    TAW Inc.