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    Pump Diagnostics, Overhauls & Redesigns

    Comprehensive Pump Testing Services

    TAW is an industry leader in pump testing and performance analysis. Our skilled technicians conduct a multi-point inspection of your pumping equipment that includes flow testing, vibration analysis, field alignment, and trim balancing. Using the results of those tests, we provide you with a highly detailed and accurate diagnostics report on the pump’s operational status. From there we can pinpoint any system problem and provide the necessary service to keep your pump running efficiently.

    Pump Overhauls & Reconditions

    With oversight from our engineering team, our technicians will repair any pump type to bring it back to OEM standards or better. These are our services available for pump repairs and overhauls

    • New Part Manufacturing – including OEM parts sourcing, reverse engineered parts, and metal casting fabrication
    • Shaft repairs – including straightening, welding work, reinforcement, and protective coatings
    • Machining – including boring & sleeving, bearing clearance adjustments, rotor balancing, and more
    • Impeller repairs – including polishing, pitch tracking, and other performance enhancing modifications

    Pump Retrofits & Redesign Services

    TAW® is dedicated to providing superior pump engineering services – from retrofitting existing equipment to all-new custom designs. Using your specifications for project materials, pressure limits, and dimensions, we can design, manufacture, and install any apparatus you need for a custom plumbing setup.

    Call us at 1-866-860-6267, or email us at, to request more information on Pump Diagnostics, Overhauls, and Redesigns

    Flow Testing

    TAW can flow test your in-service pump to inform you of the pumps performance. Flow testing can be performed before and after pump repairs to establish performance benchmarks.

    Vibration Analysis

    TAW can perform in-service vibration analysis of your pump to help determine failure modes on a one-time or periodic schedule. Vibration analysis can also be performed before and after pump repairs to establish vibration benchmarks.

    Field Alignment

    Field alignment is a key to the long-term success of rotating equipment. We provide field alignment for repaired and new equipment. Dealing with repairs on motors and pumps, the final field alignment adds the comfort of sole source responsibility for the startup of equipment.

    Field Balancing

    TAW can provide field balancing for your rotational equipment. Field balancing can be an important step in assuring equipment will operate properly. Field balancing is also called “trim balancing” and is performed on the installed equipment to reduce vibrations and extend your equipment’s life.

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