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TAW© repairs electronics on power systems, day in and day out, we train our technicians how to properly fix any electrical problem that may arise. We dedicate the time to train for the worst case scenario, so that if there is a major problem, our technicians can handle it on the field with ease. That is why any overhaul done by our technicians will make your equipment better than new.

Circuit Breakers

Our Circuit Breaker repairs and overhauling, leaves your equipment running like new, or better. We take our time to make sure your equipment is running perfectly. That is why we handle contact bottles replacement, trip unit upgrades, and vacuum conversion upgrades.


Our field services offer multiple repair/overhaul options, that is why we make sure your equipment your transformers are performing at optimal levels. We repair all your gauges, from temperature gauges to pressure gauges, and even level gauges. We also repair valves like the pressure relief valve, sudden pressure relays, tap chargers, bushings, radiators, and cooling fans. If something cannot be fixed, we also replace those parts onsite, even the gaskets. Our team of professionals will handle the rewinds, weather copper or aluminum, we make sure that your transformer is running stable, and if an upgrade is needed, we will upgrade your aluminum rewind to a copper rewinds. Even your oil processing is needed, and we will take care of degassing, dehydrating, particle filtration, acid removal, and oxidation inhibitor.

Protective Relays

Repairs on relays are headaches, and that is why we offer Protective Relays that are easy to clean and maintain. We clean all your relays with a special relay cleaning agent. Our services also include repairs, and upgrades to your power systems relays.

Variable Frequency Drives

A Variable Frequency Drive is a type of motor controller, and these controllers need inspections of hardware and software. Our highly skilled technicians will examine your VFD and provide you with an overview of your equipment. We provide component/drive replacement, and software parameter modifications.

Metal Clad Switchgear

ANSI standard metal clad switchgear need to meet these standards when running. Those standards keep our technicians on their toes with switchgear certifications. Our field technicians provide contact replacement, arc chute replacement, insulator replacement, connection bottle replacement, bus replacement and modifications. We also do dry ice blasting, wiring, troubleshooting, and structure repairs.

Motor Control Center

Your power system has a motor control that needs to be inspected routinely, to preserve your systems and all of its hardware, and that is the reason we provide preventative maintenance. If it is too late for that, we will come out to you and repair your motor control center. Our teams of field technicians are trained in MCC component replacement, dry ice blasting, breaker block overloads, connection stab repair, contactor repair, breaker handles repair/replacement, and door modifications or replacement.

To schedule a field service technician to come out and repair your electrical equipment, call 866-660-4940.

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