Transformer Field Services

Inspection, Testing, and Repairs

The expert and the tenured team at TAW® has over 100+ years’ experience working with transformers in many of the largest facilities in the world. Our transformer field services focus on distribution and step-up transformers and include ongoing oil sampling and trending, visual inspections, testing and repairs to ensure your transformers are always running at top condition. With 24/7 support throughout the Southeastern United States, the Caribbean and South and Central America, customers have come to trust TAW for buying, maintaining, and servicing their transformers.

Your Single Source for Transformers

If you have an existing transformer and need repair, assistance, or a preventative maintenance program, contact us for assistance. For existing transformers, we offer field service including regular oil analysis and oil processing, if needed. However, TAW can provide much more. We offer turn-key project management, allowing you to maintain a single contractor for every phase of your electrical engineering project, from transformer design to build to install to inspection and to service. TAW supplies new and used replacement transformers.

Once your equipment is in place, as your full-service transformer partner, we are available to inspect and maintain your equipment throughout the life of your transformer. You can rest assured that we will take the time to identify problems at their root cause and then develop a custom solution to fix the problem completely. If your transformer is properly sealed and maintained you shouldn’t have to process the oil every few years, and it should run well with little intervention. The key, however, is preventive maintenance. It’s essential to conduct regular visual inspections and oil analysis to ensure there are no issues impacting performance.

Transformer Testing and Maintenance

TAW transformer field services include preventative maintenance and testing programs to trend data over time and assess the health of the transformer.

Transformer Testing Includes:

  • Transformer Oil Analysis
    • Moisture Analysis
    • DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)
    • Interfacial Tension Analysis
    • Acid Number
    • Viscosity
    • PCB (EPA 8082)
  • Power Factor Analysis – Doble Testing
  • Thermography
  • TTR (Turn-to-Turn Ratio)
  • Insulation Resistance testing (Megger)
  • Ducting – Contact Resistance
  • And more

Transformer Service and Problem Resolution Includes:

  • Oil Servicing
    • Dehydrating
    • De-Gassing
    • Neutralize Acids
    • Filter Particulates
  • Internal Inspection and Repairs
  • Re-Wind Oil or Dry Transformers
    • Aluminum or Copper Windings
    • Restack Core Steel
    • Replace Bushings
  • And more

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