TAW has hundreds of certified technicians to perform any tests on your power equipment. We will run the tests and hand the results to our specialist to run diagnostics on your equipment. By pointing out any current issues, or any future problems that may arise, we can alleviate any future headaches with our preventative maintenance plans.

Circuit Breaker Testing

TAW© has shops throughout the south east that can test your circuit breakers for functionality and performance on your power systems. Our team will perform 10 individual tests to find any current of future issues. We start with a visual Inspection of the arc shoots and contacts, as well as, testing for contact and insulation resistance, and high current testing or secondary injection testing. We also provide contact closure speed (timing test), gas analysis, partial discharge testing, and corona testing.

Transformer Testing

TAW© is the one stop shop for any testing needed offsite and onsite. We come to you to provide superior service on your power equipment. We perform test on your transformers for gas & oil analysis, insulation resistance, turn to turn ratio “TTR”, power factor testing, winding resistance, sweep frequency testing, and bushing C1 C2 testing. We also perform thermography, corona testing, partial discharge testing, impedance testing, tap changer testing, and oil sampling analysis.

Protective Relay Testing

Our team of field technicians are certified in all testing equipment and trained in testing protocols. They will easily perform protective relay testing with onsite calibrations, and relay programming for adjustments in performance and optimization, without overloading your relays.


Having power systems running for hours or day will create high heat on your equipment, which will cause wear and tear. That is why we use Thermography to find all the hot spots, and point them out to you. We want to be able to spot any future issues you may have, and be able to fix them so that you can continue on running at optimal range. Our temperature gauges can read variations as little as 5 degrees. We want to be able to show you with thermo-imaging, your equipment is running at ideal conditions.

Variable Frequency Drive “VFD” Testing

At any time, your power system may have a frequency drive issue. The only way to find any issues is with high accurate and expensive equipment. That is why we provide you with our Variable Frequency Drive inspections and testing. We provide Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) testing, control board testing, power board testing, capacitor testing, and load testing.

Metal Clad Switchgear Testing

Our Metal Clad Testing for Switchgears is highly recommended if you want to test it for current or future problems. We spend our time to ensure that your power system is ready at a moment’s notice. Our team will conduct thermography, contact resistance testing, insulation resistance, timing test, visual arc chute inspection, switchgear component testing, partial discharge testing, bus duct, corona testing, high current testing, and gas analysis.

Motor Control Center

Your Motor Control handle all the loads of your power system, which is why you need to keep an eye on your equipment’s functionality. We do that for you, by visually inspecting your equipment, we can determine if thermography, contact/insulation resistance testing, or torque measurement (connection retightening) testing is needed.

We provide testing and analysis on all parts of your electrical equipment, even the motor circuitry. We inspect AC and DC electrical systems with tools for precise measurements of current, voltage, amperage, and more to be able to keep your circuit functioning optimally with no problems.

To schedule a field service technician to come out and check on your electrical equipment, call 866-660-4940.

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