Electrical Field Services

Switchgear Service, Electric Motor Maintenance, and More

To ensure ongoing reliability of your high and medium voltage AC and DC electric motors, engineered and switchgear services, relay calibration, station batteries, motor circuits, breakers and more, you need a skilled team of electrical field services technicians and engineers from TAW® who can monitor your systems, perform diagnostic testing, report on the results, troubleshoot issues, and help extend the life of equipment.

Our team will assess your systems and components and identify issues before they arise to help prevent unplanned outages. In addition, our electrical field services include emergency 24/7 support across the Southeastern United States, the Caribbean Central, and South America. So, if something isn’t working, our highly trained and skilled technicians will be there to restore your operation back to normal as quickly as possible. You can trust in TAW, we’ve helped businesses like yours for nearly 100 years.

Expertise & Reliability You Can Count On

Our high-quality, industry-leading team follows established standards of NETA, IEEE, and NFPA, including IEEE electrical testing. Our electrical field services are available for a wide array of systems including transformers, relays, and breakers. Ideally, our focus with your team will begin with predictive maintenance in order to trend the health of your systems and find and diagnose issues before they impact your business, but we can provide 24/7 emergency service in the event of an unexpected outage. Explore the electrical services we offer, including:

At TAW, our number one priority is predictability and reliability – maintaining your equipment at the highest level of performance to keep you up and running.

Discuss electrical field service today with a TAW specialist by completing the form on this page, calling, 866-660-4940 or emailing tawinfo@tawinc.com.

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