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    TAW Power Systems Partner: Industrial

    Our industrial power solutions beat the weather & the competition.

    At TAW Power Systems, we know that our industrial customers require robust products that can withstand the worst conditions, including excessively hot, dusty, or corrosive environments. We confidently build our industrial power solutions on KOHLER Power Systems’ solid line of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), industry code-compliant products, which are undisputed in terms of quality and reliability. width=

    Whether you are seeking to confirm control configuration, contract out a custom design project, simplify specification, complete installation, or need assistance with maintenance, our qualified team can assist with all of the above and more. Our team consists of more than 90 engineers and technical staff, each of whom is a subject-matter expert and can act as an extension of your organization.

    With nearly a century in the business, TAW Power Systems is experienced and equipped to handle your needs – and to go the extra mile to help your project reach the finish line quickly and efficiently. We are genuinely dedicated to working in the trenches with our partners, and known for seeing even the most challenging jobs through to a successful resolution.


    The stakes are high in the mining industry. A loss of power deep underground not only impacts productivity and the bottom line but can seriously compromise employee safety, which is not an option.

    Our reliable backup power not only keeps your power mining equipment running, but also keeps the lights on and, most importantly, pumps oxygen to your invaluable employees working in an exceedingly dark, remote location.

    In the event of an unforeseen emergency, as your power partner, TAW Power Systems’ trained team stands at the ready to provide timely technical support.

    Waste Water Plants

    Dependable power is significant at a wastewater plant, where extensive power loss can quickly escalate into a public health situation – or even an emergency. The ramifications are enormous, costly, and, thankfully, mostly avoidable.

    When you work with TAW Power Systems, Inc., you will have a long-term partner that provides support throughout the life of your project; helping you keep your office buildings, facility pumps, and motors up and running, and standing by you in the event of an emergency.


    With our team of talented engineers at TAW, many of whom are responsible for addressing power outages at client businesses and residences, we understand the unique pressures and needs of utilities. We also know what it is like to receive a panicked phone call from a customer in distress. The importance of seeing them through to a successful resolution is TAW’s goal.

    For this reason and more, TAW Power Systems, Inc. is the ideal utilities power partner. When you purchase dependable mobile and standby backup power through us, you not only gain access to our robust technical team but have a long-term power partner, available for troubleshooting or emergency support throughout the lifecycle of your product.

    Port Authority

    As freight ships and containers continue to grow in size and volume, it’s more important now than ever before to stay on schedule. An expected loss of power can slow or even halt productivity, impacting your entire port, ship dates, businesses in your area, and professional reputation. But why take that chance?

    When you purchase a customized KOHLER® generator from TAW Power Systems, Inc.,  you get the critical backup you need, along with 24-hour access to our core technical team, who are equipped to handle emergencies quickly and effectively.

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on, Industrial Partners.

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