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    TAW Power Systems, Inc.

    No industry can afford to be offline, which is why companies turn to TAW Power Systems, Inc. for their emergency generator needs.  TAW Power Systems is the most trusted name in the Southeast, providing service, sales, and support for your emergency generator systems. Since 1921, TAW has been committed to providing superior service and quality products for medical, municipal, commercial, and industrial applications.

    TAW is the only authorized distributor for KOHLER® Power Systems throughout Florida. TAW proudly distributes first-class service and sales for the complete KOHLER® Power Systems product line. We service industrial, commercial, marine, towable, and even the smallest residential applications.

    With more than 60+ factory-trained and certified generator technicians, you can be confident TAW Power Systems will ensure you have power – when you need it most.

    An Experienced Service Provider

    TAW Power Systems, Inc. is a comprehensive, temporary or permanent, on-site power systems provider. Our value blueprint is designed to deliver to our customers, reliable, world-class generators at a moment’s notice. These methods are combined with a cordial and consistent customer transaction experience and reinforced with fully equipped, factory trained, and technically accountable field technicians located across the southeastern states of Florida and Georgia, and along 2,000 miles of protected saltwater coastline.

    TAW Power Systems, Inc. provides on-site expert system commissioning and in-depth power system services for a wide variety of projects and applications, including:

    • High rise developments
    • Multi-tenant offices
    • Medical facilities
    • Data centers
    • Municipal property
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • And More

    TAW Power Systems, Inc. thoroughly understands pre-construction and site management. We proudly deliver on our commitments and work hard to provide comprehensive project management throughout the life of the job.

    A Trusted Team of Power Systems Technicians

    Our field service and preventive maintenance teams have KOHLER®, EGSA, and manufacturer certifications. Our service vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art
    computer hardware and software, tooling, meters, ATS controllers, and inventory to provide the highest grade service on generators, from 5kW – 4,000kW.

    Our power system services can be accessed quickly, and a robust communications system connects you to additional support as needed. Our technicians communicate on a real-time basis with their service manager and additional technical support staff via direct connect services and cellular phones. And our vehicles are monitored with GPS locating services, so the closest technician for a particular site can be contacted and dispatched immediately.

    Offered Services:

    • Authorized Warranty Repair Facility
    • KOHLER®
    • LakeShore
    • Comfab
    • AMPs
    • Thompson Technology ATS’s

    • The most flexible PM plans in the industry
    • Optimized to meet your needs
    • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually
    • Service all brands and major manufacturers
    • Including older brands and transfer switches
    • Resistive/reactive load bank testing
    • Compliance with NFPA 110 and AHCA
    • Meet national electrical, fire codes, and standards

    • Turn-key installations
    • Installation and rigging services
    • On-demand service 24/7/365
    • Rental generators – 20kW to 4,000kW with a paralleling system configured to meet your requirements
    • Hurricane plans
    • Emergency response teams
    • System analysis
    • Owner training
    • Upgrade programs
    • Extend the life of existing generators and ATS
    • Fuel delivery services
    • Fuel polishing
    • Thermography services
    • Remote monitoring
    • Facilities automation integration

    Interested in more information? Fill out the Contact Us box on the left side of the page or call us! Toll-free at 866-860-6267. You can even email us at tawinfo@tawinc.com to request more information about TAW Power Systems, Inc. and KOHLER® generators & accessories.

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