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    Generators for All Industry Sectors

    For over 100 years, KOHLER® has manufactured quality engine generators worldwide. KOHLER® generators deliver ultimate performance and rapid response, providing quality power in 10 seconds or less. KOHLER® generators are of the highest quality and meet the most robust industry standards and codes, including UL, CSA, IBC, and NFPA. They can power every application in any industry sector. Choose from a range of products from KOHLER® commercial generators and industrial generators to marine, residential and towable generator applications.

    All of our KOHLER® products come with the associated controls and transfer switches necessary for supply control and energy use.

    Have questions on which power supplies are best for your application? We can help.

    Comprehensive Products

    From small-load business applications to uses in heavy industry, every KOHLER® generator is engineered to provide maximum power, performance, flexibility
    and fuel efficiency.

    KOHLER® offers controls to handle any application, from basic functions to sophisticated remote monitoring technology. With Advanced Program Management (APM) models to match your needs, KOHLER® meets UL508A, NFPA 99 and NFPA 110 specifications.

    When your utility power fails, the KOHLER® automatic transfer switch senses a loss of power and immediately starts the generator. Once utility power has been restored, the transfer switch shifts your business back.

    From a basic emergency standby system to a complete multi-generator, multi-source system, KOHLER® offers an economical way to parallel generators together or to the utility, with its complete line of PD-Series automatic paralleling switchgear to main power and shuts down the generator.

    Comprehensive Services

    • Quick response and reliable service 24/7/365
    • Competitive pricing
    • Comprehensive, turnkey assistance
    • Assistance with sizing
    • Assistance with applications
    • The latest, most technologically advanced equipment
    • All accessory equipment including cables, cable ramps, fuel tanks, and transformers
    • Fueling services
    • Transport services
    • On-going maintenance
    • Generators equipped with GPS locators
    • Generators 180kW and below are sound attenuated

    Our team of power experts will help answer questions about any unit. We have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

    Interested in more information? Fill out the Contact Us box on the left side of the page or call us! Toll-free at 866-860-6267. You can even email us at to request more information about KOHLER® generators & accessories.

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