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    Configurable Controls

    switchgear control center

    KOHLER® generator controllers incorporate multiple configuration options that are definable and adaptable to your specific application requirements. This adaptability and versatility eliminate the need for any unnecessary extra components upon implementation.

    About KOHLER® Controllers:

    • KOHLER® generator controllers seamlessly integrate with all system types
    • With a built-in integral voltage regulator, the controller ensures that the power necessary for equipment operation meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s requirements for proper operation
    • Tested and approved to meet NFPA, UL, and CE standards and are manufactured in Wisconsin, U.S.A
    • Works seamlessly with Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and switchgear for comprehensive system integration
    • Completely capable of protecting generator systems. Built-in alternator protections safeguard your unit against thermal overload faults
    • Unique ability to sense the parameters that are based on the T&D curves of the coupled generators. This feature alone can help reduce costly repairs as well as lower the extended downtime of the generator system
    • Has an emergency stop button that shuts off the generator providing a last line of defense against catastrophic failure
    • Offers a complete line of microprocessor-based generator controllers for use on industrial, commercial, marine, towable, and even the smallest residential applications. They also provide multiple levels of microprocessor-based generator controls that can be used in conjunction with automatic transfer switches
    • KOHLER® is a single-source manufacturer, making tool and interface integration into any building management software a simple process
    • Implement parallel operation for multiple gensets, enable remote access and adapt touch screens to your software with ease
    • Design base customization within each family of generator controllers is accessible from the generator itself or remotely with KOHLER® PowerScan™ technology
    • Provide the ability to annunciate functions through remote annunciators, or communications to SCADA or user networks via the Modbus protocol

    Decision-Maker Paralleling System

    KOHLER® alone created, manufactured, and tested its Decision-Maker Paralleling System (DPS), meaning they do not rely on multiple manufacturers for parts to build its DPS system. The DPS system is built onsite at KOHLER® so that you are not reliant on an obscure controls company 20 time zones away.

    The system features & benefits:

    • Redundant backup power, so that should one generator need service or fail, the custom system will automatically ensure that the most critical loads remain online without overloading the source
    • Allows for easy expansion, which helps to prepare your standby power system for the future
    • Operational savings feature provides for complete power system management. With this feature, the generator only runs the necessary amount of generators to support the loads connected, helping you save on fuel, maintenance, and unnecessary wear and tear. It also functions on various fuel types, giving you complete fuel versatility
    • The KOHLER® Decision Maker 6000 Controller enables load sharing and synchronization for up to eight gensets. This simple function is a tremendously versatile cost savings feature for generator systems that do not require traditional paralleling switchgear

    TAW Power Systems, Inc. sales team is well versed in the function and support of the complete line of KOHLER® generator controllers. We’ll provide the support needed to complete the project at hand. Contact one of our power professionals today.

    Call us toll-free at 1-866-860-6267, or email us at, to request more information on KOHLER® Generator Controllers.

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    ControlSeries TypeSpec Sheet 
    ADC 2100 G6065
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    Decision-Maker 550 G6046
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    Decision-Maker 3000 G6100
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    Decision-Maker 6000 G6107
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