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    KOHLER® Industrial Generators

    For over 100 years, KOHLER® has manufactured generators of the highest quality. KOHLER® Industrial Generators power every industry from government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, mining, and data centers. KOHLER® Industrial Generators undergo rigorous quality and performance testing to meet the most robust industry standards and codes, including UL, CSA, IBC, and NFPA. KOHLER® provides a comprehensive industrial power system integration to match any power and performance requirements. KOHLER® Industrial Generators are engineered to deliver optimal performance, uncomplicated maintenance, and straightforward troubleshooting. In essence, KOHLER® Industrial Generators are built to work and made to last.

    TAW Power Systems, Inc. delivers:

    • Quick response and reliable service 24/7/365
    • Competitive pricing
    • Comprehensive, turnkey assistance
    • Assistance with sizing
    • Assistance with applications
    • The latest, most technologically advanced equipment
    • All accessory equipment including cables, cable ramps, fuel tanks, and transformers
    • Fueling services
    • Transport services
    • On-going maintenance
    • Generators equipped with GPS locators
    • Generators 180kW and below are sound attenuated
    • And More

    Our team of industrial sales representatives are technically savvy and can provide a customized power solution to fit many types of requirements. We take pride in delivering quality products and a knowledgeable sales staff, fit to help you through the entire project. It’s our job to make you look good.

    Interested in more information? Fill out the Contact Us box on the left side of the page or call us! Toll-free at 866-860-6267. You can even email us at to request more information about KOHLER® Industrial Generators.

    Diesel Generators

    Critical power is essential; no industry can afford to be without it. Protect your power supply with a top-of-the-line, reliable KOHLER® Diesel Generator. KOHLER®  Diesel Generators are packed with power and engineered for complete performance. KOHLER®  Diesel Generators are EPA and code compliant, deliver dependable power, and are fuel-efficient. KOHLER®  Generators are factory built, and meticulously tested. For over 100 years, KOHLER®  has manufactured quality generators in Wisconsin, USA.

    Gas Generators

    A constant supply of power is essential in keeping our communities and infrastructure running. A loss in power can mean a significant decline in revenue and time. Take control and safeguard your power supply with a dependable and powerful KOHLER®  Gas Generator. KOHLER®  Gas Generators are engineered to provide optimal performance no matter what the circumstance may be. KOHLER®  Gas Generators are EPA and code compliant. Since 1920 KOHLER®  has manufactured quality generators in Wisconsin, USA.

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