Paralleling Switchgear Systems
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    Paralleling Switchgear Systems

     width=What if your generator manufacturer could also be your switchgear manufacturer?  KOHLER® manufactures world-class engine-driven generator sets, but they are also a leading producer of paralleling switchgear systems.

    Are you concerned about specifications or have existing switchgear systems to interface? That is not a problem. KOHLER® provides a seamless power system integration; in other words, KOHLER® switchgear works with the complete line of KOHLER® power system products – generators, automatic transfer switches, and more.

    More About KOHLER® switchgear :

    • UL891, UL1558, or meeting CSA and IEEE guidelines
    • Available in certified packages and is cUL listed, and IBC certified.
    • Has cutting-edge load management functionality, which helps provide ample flexibility to manage critical loads in the most demanding conditions.
    • The load management features allow for flexibility and savings in reduced fuel costs once the system is on-site and operational.
    • Engineered, tested, and built with the highest quality standards in Wisconsin USA.
    • KOHLER® incorporates a variety of distribution circuit breakers within its switchgear systems. The robust range of circuit breaker options allows for increased power and system flexibility. This enables you to choose and manage the breaker for downstream coordination of system distribution breakers within a facility.
    • KOHLER® paralleling switchgear is available with a vast array of custom options from controls, meters, protective relays, and so much more. The wide variety of custom options allows for system monitoring and legacy control.
    • Has a seamlessly integrated user-friendly color touch screen control center. The touch screen control center system is designed with tabbed access to various controls and monitoring functions. This provides a unique window into the heart and brain of the switchgear system.
    • The control center includes a USB port and the ability to export various reports such as fault reports, historical reports, and run reports to a CSV file. This helps provide detailed documentation of the unit, which may be required according to local state or industry regulations.
    • The control center also includes Modbus communications. The use of Modbus Protocol allows for real-time interactions between KOHLER® integrated devices and third-party applications like SCADA or BMS. The information is transmitted and displayed remotely via Ethernet so that you can have complete and instantaneous insight into the power system’s performance.
    • The Modbus communication in the control center also encompasses a web server and allows the utilization of WEBHMI functions.
    • With an Ethernet connection, the control center helps to monitor and operate the switchgear system remotely with complete command as if you were standing in front of the HMI controls. This feature helps to eliminate the need for third-party applications and costly unnecessary programming.

    KOHLER® paralleling switchgear systems are unique in that every system is custom designed and can be built around any project requirement. The team of engineers at TAW Power Systems, Inc. provides the first-class local support you need to get the job done. KOHLER® is the single-source provider for quality engine-driven generators and switchgear systems, unlike no other in the industry. Quality manufactured down to the last bolt, plus we have the satisfied customers to prove it.

    As your Ultimate Power Partners, TAW Power Systems, Inc. and KOHLER® have done it all, we have extensive experience providing numerous configurations like Closed Transition, Paralleling to Utility, Dead Bus Paralleling, and Medium Voltage. TAW Power Systems, Inc. and our team of engineers offer custom power system design support and are ready to take on your project from concept to startup.

    As one of the largest distributors for KOHLER® Switchgear Systems, TAW Power Systems, Inc. is prepared to help you find a custom solution so that every detail can be addressed before production to ensure that the right product arrives on-site as requested. Here at TAW Power Systems, Inc., we take pride in our professionalism and the ability to manage your project at all stages. Since 1921, TAW Power Systems, Inc. happily provides reliability, a technically inclined sales staff, and quality products.

    Call us Toll-Free 866-860-6267, or email us at, to request more information on, Paralleling Switchgear Systems.

    ControlModelTypeSpec Sheet 
    PD 100 Dual-BreakerPD G11112
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    PD 100 Single-BreakerPD G1179
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    PD 150 Parralleling Switchboarddps G1184
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    PD Series SwitchgearPD G11113
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    PD-2150PD G11112
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    Controller, Decision-Maker 6000DPS G6107
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    DPS Master Control PanelDPS G6113
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    DPS Switchboards & Circuit BreakersDPS G6112
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    Paralleling System Decision-Maker 6000DPS G6110
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