Residential Generators
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    Whole House Generators

     width=Are you aware that 87% of power outages are caused by severe weather and affect 500,000 people in the US daily?

    In the event of a power outage, a KOHLER® whole house generator is capable of protecting the health of your family. A KOHLER® whole house generator will keep you and your family cool in the summer, protect your home from mold during hurricane season, protect your pipes from bursting during the winter, and will even keep your food from spoiling.

    KOHLER® residential generators add a sense of normality and powers your life fast. In less than 10 seconds, a KOHLER® whole house generator powers your entire home; helping you stay secure and comfortable when you need to the most.

    Want to manage your generator on the go? KOHLER® whole house generators are available with OnCue™. OnCue is a tool that helps you manage and monitor your home’s power status from the convenience of your phone or tablet. OnCue even helps troubleshoot your generator in case there is a problem.

    Home Standby Generators

    What if you could restore power to your home in just 10 seconds during an outage? With a reliable KOHLER® home standby generator, you’ll be able to do just that and keep your standard of living and comfort.

    Safeguard your family with the security and peace of mind that a KOHLER® home standby generator brings. Protect your property by securing your home from the damages mother nature can cause like frozen pipes, food loss, and mold. Power your AC, keep your hot water on, and your alarm system working by installing a KOHLER® residential standby generator in your home.

    KOHLER® Portable Generators

    KOHLER® portable generators deliver instant power on the go. Portable generators are compact, lightweight, and easily fit in most motor vehicles. They are simple to use and require no installation; add oil, fuel, and go.

    With a KOHLER® portable generator, you can bring power to the most remote places on earth. Activities such as camping and tailgating get a whole new meaning with an easy-to-use power supply. The best part about KOHLER® portable generators is that no installation is required.

    How to Choose a Portable Generator

    Portable generators have two main ratings: continuous power (aka running watts) and a more substantial rating called maximum power (aka starting watts). Starting watts are what the portable generator produces for a short time to start electrical items (like power tools, and running watts are what the portable generator can produce continuously while it’s running. To find the right generator

    1. List out all the items you want to power
    2. Locate the item with the most power (aka starting watts)
    3. Add that number to the Continuous Power (aka running Watts) from all other units.

    In the example above, the total is 5100 W, which means you’ll need a generator with a Continuous Power rating of at least 5.1kW (5100 W).

    TAW & KOHLER – Your Ultimate Power Partners

    KOHLER® has a longstanding reputation for quality; KOHLER® has produced quality generators since 1920 using the best materials to provide the best product. When you buy a KOHLER® residential generator, you are purchasing reliability that is built to last.
    TAW Power Systems, Inc. and our network of highly trained factory-certified dealers help you take care of your family and your home. Our conveniently located dealers work hard to provide successful turnkey installation and a one-stop shop for all your generator needs. When you purchase a KOHLER® residential generator from TAW, you can be sure that we will take care of you and your family as if it were our own.

    Find a dealer near you to schedule a home estimate today.

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