TAW® Power Systems Partner: Government

Conduct business as usual with TAW’s power solutions 

Florida-based TAW® Power Systems has weathered many storms, proving ourselves time and again as dependable, emergency responders. 

Following hurricanes, tropical storms, and other emergencies, our capable disaster response team can arrive onsite in as little as 20 minutes, working behind the scenes to get you up and running, so you can conduct business as usual. 

Our experienced technical team is also well-versed in the additional compliance requirements, preapprovals, emission regulations, and complex specifications that government projects often entail. 

Just as committed to quality, TAW® Power Systems sells only KOHLER® Power Systems’ highly-regulated, tested, and code-compliant generator sets and accessories. We offer American-made products at a price that can fit your budget and specifications. And if an emergency ever strikes or you need a generator serviced, regardless of where you purchased it, we can always provide support or maintenance.

To learn more about how TAW® Power Systems can provide backup power and other solutions for government facilities, call us at 800-333-9449. 

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To learn more about our International Building Code (IBC) certification, which is encouraged and sometimes mandated for coverage by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), read the KOHLER® white paper.

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