Kohler Diesel Generators

Keep your power on and decrease your downtime with a dependable Kohler Generator. Kohler Diesel Generators are trusty, efficient, and accommodate a wide range of output requirements. Every Kohler Diesel Generator is EPA compliant and engineered to provide maximum power, and unmatched performance. Kohler Diesel Generators are trusted everywhere including hospitals, government agencies, data centers, and even healthcare centers. For over 90 years Kohler has proudly built quality and reliability into each generator. Each Kohler Generator is built to last, and manufactured in Wisconsin, USA.

TAW Power Systems carries a wide range of Kohler Diesel Gensets to match your specific requirements. Our team of sales professionals can even help to customize a specific power solution to meet your desired requirements. We can match the power you need for the workload at hand. From small-load residential and commercial generators to heavy large-load industrial applications Kohler Generators are engineered for optimal performance.

TAW Power Systems Distributes Kohler Diesel Generators throughout Florida, Southern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 

  • Models range from 10 kW to 3250 kW
  • Exceptional motor starting and voltage recovery
  • Configurable to a variety of systems needs

TAW Power Systems provides comprehensive power solutions for all Industrial, Commercial, Marine, Residential, and Towable Generator applications. Our sales team is engineering savvy, and can provide a customized solution for your project or business. 

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