Diesel Generators

Kohler® Diesel Generators

Keep your power on and decrease your downtime with a dependable KOHLER® generator. KOHLER® diesel generators are trusty, efficient, and accommodate a wide range of output requirements. They are also EPA compliant and engineered to provide maximum power and unmatched performance. For over 90 years, KOHLER® has proudly built quality and reliability into each generator. Each KOHLER® Generator is built to last and manufactured in Wisconsin, USA.

Here are some of our KOHLER® diesel generators’ specifications:

  • Models range from 10 kW to 3250 kW
  • Exceptional motor starting and voltage recovery
  • Configurable to a variety of systems needs

Customized Power Solutions

We provide comprehensive power solutions for industrial, commercial, marine, residential, and towable applications, carrying a wide range of KOHLER® diesel generators to match your requirements.

Our team of engineering savvy sales professionals can help customize a power solution that will meet your desired requirements. We’ll match the power you need to the workload at hand.

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